Where do the information regarding the status of charge points come from?

The statuses of the connectors shown on Chargemap come from two different sources:

  • Chargemap's community
  • the operators of the charge points

For the stations that are the subject of a partnership with their operator, their statuses are provided in real-time. There can be three states:

  • Available (=working, and available)
  • Busy (=working, but in current use)
  • Out of service

However, it is possible that sometimes this information is wrong.

For the case a plug has been damaged for instance: the IT system of the network does not necessarily detect the issue, but Chargemap's community reports it quite rapidly! In this case, we "crush" the information from the network to give priority to the community's information. As soon as the network reports a new successful charging on this charge point, the status of the plug is updated to be shown as "available" again.

In other cases, the statuses of the charge points are only updated by the community. Then, there are only those two states:

  • Working
  • Out of service

This is the best way that we could find in order to show the statuses of the plugs on a charging station, it is not perfect yet obviously: some stations can remain "Out of service" several days before their statuses are updated. That is the reason why we involve the networks and the users as much as possible to have Chargemap's data up-to-date.

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