How to find the ultra fast chargers (>100kW) on Chargemap?

Since September 11th 2019, it is possible to find the ultra fast chargers on Chargemap thanks to our brand new filter by power of charge.

To meet the ever increasing demands of the owners of these fast-charging vehicles, our teams at Chargemap have opted for an ergonomic design based on a horizontal cursor.

You simply move it from left to right to select the minimum charging speed threshold you require. When you set it to the far right, only the fastest charging stations are selected (up to 350 kW!). If you set it completely to the left, you are in fact deactivating the filter and all the charging pools are displayed on the map again.


Mobile and web

The system has been deployed on both the Chargemap iOS and Android mobile apps, and the web version.

mobile app chargemap filter


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