I am a professional and I have a charging station available for my customers. Can I add it on Chargemap as well?

First of all, congratulations for the initiative!

You can of course add your charging station on Chargemap for free. All you need to do is to create a user account, if you have not already got one, log in, and then click on "Add a charging station"

When you will add the information of your charging station, you will be able to specify whether you grant the access of your charge point to your customers only, or if you grant the access to everyone in the Chargemap community.

Don't forget to add some pictures of your stations and the instructions on how to access it (schedule of your company, person to ask for at the entrance, phone number to call before arriving to book the spot, etc.) so our users can find it easily.

If you have any hesitation or question, feel free to write at support@chargemap.com, our team will be delighted to help you!

Thank you!

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