Change the default GPS application used with Chargemap? (Android)

Choose a default app'

When you want to obtain the itinerary to a charging station on Chargemap from the Android application, your smartphone allows you to choose between all the GPS apps that are installed on your smartphone:

If you select an app' and then click on "Always" (Toujours), this app' will become the default application used to provide GPS directions.

Switch for another GPS app'

In order to switch for another app', all you need to do is to go to the settings of your smartphone, then in "Manage apps".

Select the current GPS default app' with Chargemap (Gmaps, Waze, Uber, etc.), and by scrolling down, you should see the "Erase all default action" button.

Once you will have clicked on this button, go back on Chargemap, and the list of all your GPS apps will again be available for you to select one, either for a one time choice, either to set it as a default app'.

The app' I want is not listed?

If the app that you want is not on the list, please check if it is installed on your smartphone and if not, just download it and Chargemap will take it into account!

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