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Exemple of Electra identifier

The identifier for a connector at Electra is simply:

  • lthe parking space number (06) (06)
  • followed by the last characters of the reference number of the charging station (E4LEY), indicated above the connector on the front panel.
    Whatever the station model, it is always located close to the connector.

Example at station Electra - Drumettaz-Clarafond - Leclerc.

The available parking space in front of us is space 6.

The reference number of the charging station is indicated above the connector on the front panel:

The reference number corresponds to the last 5 characters: E4LEY

Thus, the connector in front of you is 06 - E4LEY.

➡️ To start charging on this connector, you should select connector 06 - E4LEY from the application's listing and then click on "start charging session"


All that's left is to start your charging from your mobile!

Missing information ?

Please note that there may be other charging station models. If you encounter a model not presented on this page and cannot find the corresponding number on the station or Chargemap, please contact us, preferably with a photo.

To learn more about charging from your mobile, please refer to the article Charging via mobile app.

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