Charging via mobile app

It's now possible to charge your electric / hybrid vehicle from your smartphone on a number of specific Chargemap Pass-compatible networks!

Please note: this feature does not replace the physical Chargemap Pass, which must be received and activated before using the charging via mobile app feature.

You'll find a list of these networks, updated regularly, at the end of this article.

Here are 10 steps to recharge with peace of mind

  1. Open your Chargemap mobile application and go to the Map section
  2. Activate the "Charging via mobile app" filter
  3. Select the station of your choice indicating "Chargemap Pass Compatible + charging via mobile app"
  4. Click on "Charge"
  5. Select the corresponding connector

For each connector displayed, you'll find a visual identifier. This identifier is used to ensure that you are recharging on the right connector. The nomenclature of this identifier varies from one recharging network to another.

If you need help, click on the link "Where can I find a connector identifier", which will tell you where to find the visual identifier of a connector on a recharging station.

The following steps 6 and 7 may vary from one terminal to another.

We advise you to follow the instructions on the charging station to start a charging session with peace of mind.

  1. Connect your cable to your vehicle
  2. Click on "Start charging session"

    A reminder of Chargemap Pass fees is displayed!
    The Station then retrieves the charging data.

    There may be a delay of a few seconds to a few minutes before the time and kWh meter displays data.

    This does not mean, however, that your charge has not started. It's simply a delay in receiving the data.
  3. The charging session appears in progress when you return to the Map or the Pass tab
  4. Stop your session by clicking on "Stop charging"
    You will be asked for confirmation in the form of a pop-up to stop the charging session
    It may take a few moments between stopping the recharge and displaying the completed session on the Chargemap app. Don't forget to unplug your cable!
  5. Disconnect your cable
    Warning: this screen indicates the end of charging.
    In the case of time-based billing, it is essential to disconnect the cable from the vehicle to stop billing for the session.

What to do in case of error?

If charging session has not started:

  • Restart the charging session with your Chargemap Pass
  • Test a new station
  • Contact the assistance of the station operator

If the charging session has started:

  • Try unplugging the vehicle
  • Call the station operator for assistance
  • As a last resort, press the emergency stop button

If the charging session does not stop:

  • Exit and restart the Chargemap app
  • Try physically swiping the Chargemap Pass onto the stations' reader.
  • Contact our 24/7 hotline at the number on the back of your Chargemap Pass!

List of networks open to Charging via mobile app:

More networks to come soon!

Our team is at your disposal for further questions!

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