Range and charging time calculation

Charging at a station

The calculated charging time is based on the charging curve of your vehicle, if available. If this curve does not exist, we take a typical curve. In any case, the algorithm takes into account the maximum power accepted by the battery according to its charge level. However, fluctuations at the station itself are not included.

However, if you notice significant differences with reality, please do not hesitate to send us these specific examples. They will help us to improve and provide you with even better results.

Battery discharge

We take several factors into account when calculating the energy consumed by your vehicle (e.g. its weight, the road elevation gain, the tyre friction, acceleration etc.).

We use data from https://www.automobile-propre.com/. Some of them may be missing or need to be corrected (e.g. Scx). However, we try to reduce these mistakes as much as possible.

It is possible that other environment-specific parameters influence the range and are not yet taken into account by the algorithm.

Charging up to 80%

The planner will never suggest that you charge over 80%, just as it will not make you go below 15%. There may still be some inconsistencies, such as stopping for a few minutes to recover 3%. We are working on making these limits flexible to avoid these borderline cases.

To avoid this kind of behaviour, you can try to lower the maximum speed slightly, to reduce consumption.

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