My Chargemap Pass has been lost/stolen, what can I do?

If you notice you have lost your Chargemap Pass, or it has been stolen, we invite you to log in to your account on the Chargemap website as soon as possible to let us know. That way, you will prevent any fraudulent use of your pass.

Keep in mind that this feature is not available on our mobile apps!

Once you are connected to your Chargemap account, your current pass will appear:

To report your lost or stolen badge, click on the 'Chargemap Pass lost or stolen ?' button.

The following screen appears:

To confirm the deactivation of your badge, click on the 'Yes, disable my Chargemap Pass' button. Please note that this operation is irreversible and that your pass will be blocked and therefore no longer usable.

If, on the other hand, you do not wish to deactivate your badge, click on the 'Cancel' button.

The following confirmation screen will appear:

If you wish to order a new pass, click on the 'Order a new pass' button.

Otherwise, you are done. However, you will be able to order a new pass later on directly from the home page of your Chargemap account by clicking on the 'Renew your Chargemap Pass' button:

To order a new badge, all you have to do is check your details and confirm your order on the following screen by clicking on the 'Order now' button:

Our team will get back to you shortly to let you know that your new pass has been shipped.

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