This charging station says "Chargemap Pass incompatible", but in the description field the Chargemap Pass is mentioned, what is the correct information?

Some charging stations on Chargemap are particular:

For all compatible chargers with our badge, the blue banner "Chargemap Pass compatible" is show on the detail file of the charging station. The orange banner "Chargemap Pass incompatible" is show an all the other charge points, because we have no partnership with the network that owns and/or operates the station:

However, it can happen that some networks allow any RFID badge to access their stations, even those with whom we have no partnership.

This is the reason why, on some chargers, you will see the orange banner, but in the description field, the mention that the Chargemap Pass can still grant the access to a charging station.

You can rely on this information in the description field, the station is available to any RFID badge, including the Chargemap Pass!

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