Charge at Tesla Superchargers with the Chargemap Pass

The Chargemap Pass is now compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network. A connection to charging stations located in France soon to be expanded to the rest of Europe!

As soon as your Chargemap Pass is activated and linked up to the Tesla app, you can start a charging session directly from the Tesla app. 

This is the only way you can launch a charging session as Tesla Superchargers are not equipped with RFID card readers.

Your charging operations on the Tesla Supercharger network are displayed in your charging history in the Pass tab on your Chargemap app. They will be billed as per usual.

Finding a Tesla Supercharger compatible with the Chargemap Pass 

Nothing could be easier than locating stations on the Tesla Supercharger network that are compatible with the Chargemap Pass!

In the Map tab on your Chargemap app, activate the “Chargemap Pass compatible” filter, then “Only selected networks”. Finally, simply add the “Tesla Superchargers” network.

You will be able to view the Tesla Superchargers that are open to everyone so you can charge up with your Chargemap Pass!

Charging a Non-Tesla vehicle

On the Tesla app, go to "Explore" then "Charge your Non-Tesla".

Select the Tesla Supercharger of your choice and click on "Charge Here".

Plug in first and then select the post number (found on the base of the Tesla Supercharger station).

Click on "Start Charging" and wait a few moments for it to start.

To stop charging, simply press "Stop Charging"!

Charging a Tesla vehicle

Once the Chargemap Pass is associated on your Tesla app, it will be chosen by default.

Plug in and start and stop charging as usual!

How much does it cost to charge at a Tesla Supercharger using my Chargemap Pass?

Charging at Tesla Superchargers via your Chargemap Pass will be at the public price quoted by Tesla.

If you are a Tesla owner or have a subscription with Tesla as a non-Tesla, you have access to preferential rates.

This preferential rate is not taken into account by Chargemap!

Chargemap therefore applies the public rate transferred to us by Tesla, on which we take no margin.

As with all Chargemap Pass-compatible charging stations, we invite you to consult the Chargemap Pass fees on our Chargemap app or website for Chargemap Pass-compatible Tesla Superchargers.

You should also note that Tesla applies idle fees when a fully charged EV remains plugged into a Supercharger. For further information, go to the relevant page on the Tesla website

Finally, if you have Supercharge credits or unlimited Supercharge kilometers, they will not be used as long as the Chargemap Pass is linked to your Tesla account.

We remain at your disposal for any question!

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