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Exemple of Total Energies identifier

Depending on the equipment, the identifier of a connector can be found in the following locations at Total Energies:

  • On the charging station itself
  • On a panel above the charging station

Example at the charging station TotalEnergies - A4/D263 Relais Herrenwald - Brumath

Thus, the connector in front of you is connector 2.

➡️ To initiate a charge on this connector, you need to select connector 2 from the application's listing and then click on "start charging session"


All that's left is to start your charging from your mobile!

Missing information ?

Please note that there may be other charging station models. If you encounter a model not presented on this page and cannot find the corresponding number on the station or Chargemap, please contact us, preferably with a photo.

To learn more about charging from your mobile, please refer to the article Charging via mobile app.

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