What is Chargemap's phone number?

The quality of our support service is very important to us, this is the reason why we chose the support by writing and not the helpline by phone, which is way more efficient. It will allow you to get quality responses by our User Happiness' team and to have a written record of our exchanges.

The questions sent by email get a quality response within a few hours on average.

Nonetheless, before contacting us, take the time to consult our "Frequently Asked Questions" website, we are maintaining it up-to-date so you can find the answers to your questions rapidly. You will save you time, and ours as well! ;)

The only exception to the support by email is the dedicated helpline to the drivers in trouble with our Chargemap Pass.

In case of any trouble with the use of our Chargemap Pass, the customers are invited to call the number written at the back of their Chargemap Pass. This helpline is managed by our partner Acta Assistance, who can help you in any of the following cases:

  • Difficulty to use a charging station compatible with the Chargemap Pass : they will tell you if your badge is well-activated and if your account has not been blocked for any reason
  • Out of order Chargemap Pass compatible charging station: the team can either advise you to call the operator of the charging station, who will be able to help you by restarting remotely the station, or guide you to the closest compatible charging station.

In any other cases, for instance a question relative to your invoices, you need to contact us by email or via our contact form by choosing the appropriate heading, because our helpline does not have all the information required to answer properly to these matters.

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