Filtering charging stations

Filters taken into account by the algorithm

The planner currently filters the stations according to the following criteria:

  • the connectors compatible with your vehicle (e.g. Type 2 and Combo CCS)
  • the power rating accepted by your vehicle (e.g. maximum 100 kW DC for a VW ID.3)
  • out of order and private stations are excluded
  • stations below 22 kW are excluded

These filters apply to the suggested route as well as to the stations displayed along the route.

We are currently investigating the possibility of applying additional filters.

Excluding/Preferring a network

The planner returns a route that it considers to be the fastest and most efficient way to reach the finish line with your vehicle. It is currently not possible to force the selection or exclusion of a specific network. The best way to take into account your filters on the map is currently being studied.

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